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Rancho Dos Pueblos - Entire Ranch Offering
2,190 Acres of Historical Magic - $65,000,000

Also Available is a partial "Northern Offering"
of 2,000 acres for $15,000,000 - click here for details

DESCRIPTION: The magnificent oceanfront "Royal Rancho" of Santa Barbara is for sale for the first time in over 30 years. One of the largest remaining ranches along the spectacular Gaviota Coast, Dos Pueblos Ranch stretches from the Santa Ynez mountains down to a sandy beach on the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, Dos Pueblos Creek winds down through majestic oaks and open meadows to the shore where Native Americans first spotted Spanish ships in 1542.

Throughout the development of California and in particular, the central coast, Rancho Dos Pueblos has had a rich and colorful history. A brief summary of that history can be reached by clicking here.

In its present configuration Dos Pueblos Ranch consists of 2,190 acres including a lovely private sandy beach compound, abundant agriculture with numerous native and specimen plantings, trees, and orchards, over 13 homes and residences including the 5 bedroom, 7 bath "Casa Grande", garages, barns, support structures and much, much more.

The Dos Pueblos Ranch offers so much more that can be described on this website. The pictures, maps and slideshows available on the left of this screen give a good idea of the vast features, both natural and man-made, that one can experience on this majestic piece of California. However, one can only truly experience Rancho Dos Pueblos by visiting it personally. Those with the resources and the vision to write the next chapter in the history of the Royal Rancho are invited to entertain this "priceless" offering, more akin to rare art than typical real estate.

CASA GRANDE: Located at the north end of a quarter mile long turf mall, stretching towards the sea, stands the main house of the estate, a stately mansion The Casa Grande. The mall is lined with fifty foot high Moreton Bay Fig trees. This Mediterranean style two story home with spanish tile roof was built around 1920.

One of the unique features of this residence are the five bedrooms upstairs, each with a private bath and a scenic view of the surrounding countryside. The lower story lends itself to entertaining and the peaceful country lifestyle. Complete with a large dining room adjacent to the kitchen and pantry, wood paneled living room with a classic wooden bar and fireplace, billiard room, card room, and sitting room. There is even an elevator to access the upper bedrooms. Click here for a slide show of the Casa Grande.

OCEANFRONT: This beautiful coastline would have to be considered an asset of immeasurable significance in this day when truly private ocean and beach frontage in California has almost become a thing of the past. From the beach the broad expanse of Pacific offers views of passing ships, soaring gulls, frolicking dolphin and, on occasion, the spouts of migrating whales. To the west the spectacular coastline with gentle surf curves out to Point Conception in the distance. Twenty miles offshore the Channel Islands stand out on the horizon under clear blue skies.

CLIMATE: Dos Pueblos enjoys a superb climate, said to be one of the most temperate and equitable in the United States, with a seasonal spread averaging only 13 degrees. Protected on the north from desert heat by the Santa Ynez Mountains, the average daytime temperature is only 78 degrees, dropping to an average of 65 degrees in winter. Annual rainfall in the vicinity is 18 inches.

LOCATION: Rancho Dos Pueblos is located in a rural area surrounded by large ranches 16 miles west of the historic city of Santa Barbara, California, on US Highway 101. To the south of this Highway, the Ranch extends to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. To the north it is bordered by the 1,724,000 acre Los Padres National Forest. Santa Barbara airport and the University of California at Santa Barbara are approximately eight miles to the east of the property in the general area of Goleta. A number of research centers are also located in this vicinity.

Hiking, camping, and abundant wildlife are to be found in the wilderness area of the Los Padres National Forest, while fresh water recreation can be enjoyed at nearby Lake Cachuma. The quaint Danish settlement of Solvang is only a 20 minute drive from the property. Rancho Dos Pueblos is well situated in relationship to the major metropolitan population centers within the Southern California area.

To see information about the 2,000 acre Northern Offering, click here.

To see information about the history of Rancho Dos Pueblos, click here.

Parts of Rancho Dos Pueblos, including the Casa Grande, are available for rental to be used for weddings and other special events. For information about such rentals, click here or call (805) 968-1116. Or you may also visit a site regarding weddings, etc. on the property by clicking here.


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